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Créations Dorées

Créations Dorées is a duo composed of Stephanie Dartigue and Sara Magloire. They have been friends for more then 10 years, share the same love for fashion and passion for everything crafty.

Stephanie Dartigue was born in Haiti. Ever since she was little she’s been obsessed with crafting things with her own two hands. She completed her studies in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering. She then joined the banking system as a project manager a bank in Haiti.

She started making jewelry and sandals as a hobby. That is when she discovered a passion for shoes and then decided to quit her job. She enrolled at a school, Ars Sutoria, in Milan, Italy. When she got back to Haiti she decided to make her passion her dream job and that’s when she decided to partner up with Sara Magloire.

And this is why

Sara Magloire is also born in Haiti. She comes from a family of artists, painters, sculptors, architects and seamstresses. Very young she was exposed to different expressions of art. She fell in love with fashion and wanted to become a stylist. She hesitates because this profession may not be profitable in Haiti. She decided to study landscaping and obtained a specialization in interior design in Montreal, Canada.

She moved back to Haiti in started working in this profession. She created a Beaded necklace which was a success. She is seduced by the idea of manufacturing jewelry.

Stephanie and Sara took their friendship and their passion to another level and launched Créations Dorées in 2009

They started offering their products at local exhibitions. In many times, they sold all their stock. That’s when they decided to make it a Business.

Their company specializes in handmade items: Necklaces , Bracelets, Rings , Earrings, Headbands, Bags, Sandals, Belts and key chains . They use various materials: Semi-precious stones, Glass beads, Leather and scarves. Their products are sold in many shops and fairs.

They subtly combine colors and materials to create unique pieces.

They use traditional artisanal methods mixed with modernism. they offer a rich range of accessories , which each according to his tendencies will find a “Création dorées” that seduces the soul and the eyes.

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